Picking up in Guelph

Convenient Pick Up

Any item under 4ft can be set in our locked patio box.

Please load “45 Home Street, Guelph” into your map. As seen in the photo above, the patio box is on the other side of the street.

Public access:
This courtyard is public space that leads to our building’s main entrance. Please know when you step through the gate that you are welcome to be there.

Open the lock:
Twist the three number dials to 111
Push in the button on the left side

-Please be sure you (or the person picking up for you) remember which order is yours
-Please scramble the numbers to relock the box

To contact Nikki for assistance:
Text/Call: 226-706-7531
Buzz: Unit 26. The buzzer room is located halfway through the courtyard, on the lefthand side. 

Our co-op is on the corner of North St and Home St.
“45 Home Street, Guelph” is across the street from our co-op’s public entrance, where our pick-up box resides.
“33 North Street, Guelph” is our proper address, but the map will lead you to a confusing area.