Hydra Flame


7 ft H x 36″ W

Constructed from mild steel

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See this sculpture installed at Rockway Gardens in Kitchener, Ontario.

The dramatic Hydra Flame comes in at a large 7 ft H x 36″ W.

Both the seen and unseen come together to create the visual majesty of fire. Flames rise upwards as their energy heats the air around them.

Like fire, each of us is lifted up by the unseen.

Your loved ones, sense of community, spirituality, connection with nature…
Each is intangible, yet helps you to stand taller and burn brighter than you ever could alone.

Five flames reach out from the base of this impressive sculpture. The natural pigment of the rust arouses the feeling of an ancient fire, an ancestral connection to the Earth.

Each piece is three dimensional, consisting of two identical flames, edged by a strip of carefully bent and welded metal.

This sculpture comes complete with a base (not shown) for installation.

Accompanied by the symbolism, this sculpture is an excellent choice for businesses which support communities, or individuals wishing to contemplate their gratitude towards the intangible forces that underpin their life.

Turn Around Time:
Allow 2-3 weeks.