Variegated Leaf


Aprox. 24″ W x 72″ H x 1.25″ D

This item may take 2-3 weeks to create

The Variegated Leaf has a wonderful, flowing movement to it that encourages you to relax and let go of any tension from your day. The strips of curving negative space create continuity between the sculpture and the background, allowing it to ‘belong’ in any location. Choose a soothing sculpture and you will love your garden art.

The various curves in this sculpture ebb and flow, encouraging the eyes to wander over the piece. The gentle lines provide our vision with a respite from the straight edges that dominate our modern life. The Variegated Leaf welcomes you to relax and let yourself flow with the life around you (whatever it may be).

The face of the leaf is crafted from sheet metal. Strips of metal are bent by hand to match the organic curves of the leaf. The framing intensifies the contrast between the positive leaf (the metal) and the negative leaf (the empty spaces).

Each Variegated Leaf is crafted by hand, expect your fine garden art will have natural variations.

This listing is for one Variegated Leaf sculpture.