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Black metal privacy screens enclose a barbecue and patio. Maple leaves are cut into the metal panel. Many maple leaves are cut as 3D features and have been bent away from the panel.

An exclusive space, designed to help you unwind.
Inspiring metal privacy screens turn your patio into your sanctuary.

Metal art privacy screen of illustrative and beautiful poppies.

Enjoy our most popular designs

The easiest way to add atmosphere
and seclusion to your outdoor space

$30 / square foot

Customize your size and finish

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Three metal panels. Each has a different leaf illustration cut into it.

Let us design your bespoke screen

Trust 30+ years of illustration experience
to make your dream a reality

$35-$90 / square foot

Share your dream project with us today!

A 30% deposit is required prior to mockups.
Two revisions included.

A rusted metal privacy panel features a circle of negative space near the top. Over the space a stainless steel Ginkgo leaf is welded, unfurling past the frame.

Your garden is your creative outlet,
your collaboration with mother nature.

Handcrafted metal screens
bring new possibilities to your creative vision.

Installing Your Privacy Screens

Installation Examples

A scene of wildflowers is cut into this metal privacy screen.

Privacy Screens FAQ

Is delivery available?


For an added fee, we can deliver panels to clients up to 3 hours from Millgrove, Ontario.

Please confirm we can deliver prior to completing your order.

What finishes are available?

Panels  will rust to a golden brown finish.

Powder Coat Industrial Finish: 
Flat black is the most popular but we offer a wide variety of finishes to compliment your existing colour schemes. 
Send us your colour sample.

Can we do a fence or staircase insert?


Just let us know what dimensions you need.

What's the maximum panel size?

A single panel can be a maximum of 4 ft x 8 ft.

What are the screens made of?

Privacy Screens and Panels are cut from 14 ga mild steel.

How does pricing work?

Established designs are $30/sq ft

Paid add-ons include:
-custom framing solutions
-custom finishes
-adding 3D metal features (birds, leaves, etc.)
-local delivery or shipping

Depending on the scope of changes requested, the following may also be considered a paid add-on:
-custom sizing
-design alterations

Custom designs are $35-$90 sq/ft
(add-ons are generally built into the price)

All add-ons will be agreed upon prior to beginning your custom panels.

I'm interested, what's next?

Fill out the email form.

Include the size, design, finish, and installation solution you are interested in.

Include any reference photos you have, to help us understand your needs.

Carol will get in touch to discuss the details of your project, and answer any questions you might have.

If you are local you may want an in-person appointment. It is often helpful to see samples of the metal art.

We’ll settle the details and draft a firm quote for you.
50% deposit required.

Carol will illustrate a design based on the agreed upon criteria for the project.
The design may be revised twice for free.

Further revisions will be subject to a fee.

Lead time is 2-4 weeks.

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Going custom turns your eyesore

into design you’ll adore

A metal box that was hand built to cover an air outlet. The colour is dark rust and was clear coated. The front has a large hole, with a stainless steel metal ginkgo leaf.
A metal ginkgo leaf sits near the top of this screen. Rather than flat sheet metal, this version is a trellis. Metal branches will be covered by climbing plants.

Take your project to the next level with soul metal

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