Extra Zen Circle Sculpture


48″ W x 48″ H x 1.25 ” D  (+garden stakes)
Mild steel

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Zen Circle is a metal garden sculpture designed to accentuate the feeling of stillness that nature offers. The design acts as a frame and will highlight a favoured aspect of your garden.

The earthy rusted colour will draw the gaze of you and your guests, gently welcoming all to contemplate the beauty of the present moment.

Your garden is wonderful because it’s your peaceful escape from modern life.
You find deep focus while digging in new bulbs, and meticulously pulling the weeds.
You find presence while listening to the birds, and watching the wind rustle your flowers.

There comes a point where gardeners naturally turn into exterior designers, looking to enhance the atmosphere of their space. Garden sculptures designed to encourage mindfulness will support any gardener who values their space for it’s peaceful, quiet energy. Metal sculptures also add visual appeal that carry your garden’s atmosphere through the winter months.