Bull Rushes Sculpture


42″ H (+10″ stake) x Approx 12″ W

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Add elegance to your outdoor space with a beautifully designed Bull Rushes Sculpture. The Bull Rushes appear to be blowing in a light breeze, reminiscent of a gentle summer’s day. This sense of liveliness is the result of how each metal leaf is carefully bent and twisted to create the illusion of the movement.

At 3.5 feet, this sculpture is sure to be visible from a distance, making it a great focal point to draw attention towards any water features in your garden. Incorporating height into your garden design can add an element of visual interest and variety.

Our handcrafted metal is designed to add permanent appeal to your garden.

Unlike other materials such as wood or plastic, metal won’t rot or fade, ensuring that your sculpture looks beautiful for years to come.

Your garden will have a stunning winter-interest focal piece. If you choose to let the metal rust, it will look striking against a fresh snow fall.

Want to get eco-friendly?
Metal is also a great investment because it is recyclable. Even after years of use, your sculpture can be recycled, melted down and repurposed for future use, making it a sustainable purchase for your garden.