Mixed Metal Feather Sculpture


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These enamoring rustic feathers look wonderful as a set or a single, and will inspire many conversations. Like many of Carol’s designs, this sculpture is made to add height and variety to your garden.

The stainless steel in this whimsical piece will brighten the darkest corners of your garden. At almost 5′ it also provides  height and a focal point to lower growing areas (above the Hostas!)

Feathers hold an enchanted place in our mind since we only come across one by pure chance. They capture our attention and bring us to the present moment, and are a memorable part of our nature outings.

To our great delight, our favourite garden plants can be purchased at nurseries – or even Walmart. The feather on the other hand is not a commodity we see in the check-out line, with little SKUs stickied to each calamus shaft.

The individual feather has not made it’s way into modern life yet – as such, the feather is a last vestige of a wilder time and place.

Each mixed media feather varies slightly from the next. They are crafted from a mixture of metal pieces, some cut from mild steel (which rusts), and others from stainless steel.

A mild steel piece of feather may be solid, or feature cut lines, cut circles, or a mixture of both.

The stainless steel pieces may be hand burnished to invoke the feeling that the feather has many barbs (strands).

On occasion perforated (hole) metal may also be cut into feather strips.

The calamus is hand bent to run through the center of the feather, ending in the ground as a garden stake.

Turn Around Time
If in stock, allow 1-3 days

All the feathers vary in design. If you’d like to choose from available stock, in the Note section at check out you may write in a request for photos.