Zen Lotus


24″ W x 24″ H (+18″ stakes)

This item may take 2-3 weeks to create

Carol’s Zen Lotus sculpture blends her popular Zen Circles with an intricately handcrafted metal flower.

The lotus is a Buddhist symbol of spiritual awakening and purity.


The lotus emerges perfectly clean, from the murkiest of waters.

If you need a striking reminder about the power of a calm mind, look no further.

When you feel muddied and weighed down, look at this sculpture. Remember you can be the lotus, you can hold space and peace for yourself.

The lotus in this sculpture sits framed in empty space, with a border between its’ serenity and the black metal of the Zen Circle.

You can get lost in the astounding detail of this lotus flower. Each petal is cut from stainless steel, carefully bent and welded together. The flower is completed with a handmade stamen. The lotus is in full bloom and appears to rest on the Zen Circle.

A set of reinforced 18″ stakes is welded to the base, for easy planting into your garden.