24″ W x 24″H x 7″ D

The whimsical design of metal dragonflies gliding through a Contemplative Circle sculpture. Since sharing the first photo this has been an extremely popular design with our customers.

The bent metal rods that almost encircle the dragonflies acts as a border, drawing your attention to the scene that lies inside them. Lightly moving in the breeze, the dragonflies evoke the feeling of slow, carefree, meandering moments. Those old summer days where you felt fully content to sit and watch the lazy droning of an insect on the water.

Our homes, cottages, and greenspace are the chance to build our sancturies… these are also places where we tend to have the strongest wifi connection. When you are struggling with the rush and anxiety of a hyper-connected world, but of course need the internet for work and life, sculptures like Joy are the cue that disrupts this endless cycle. Joy reminds your body to slow down, unwind a little, and let you take a steady breath.

Many of Carol’s designs are made to be rusted, and her art collectors love that. Something about Joy is different, and some customers have reached out saying they fell so in love with the silver, could we seal the sculpture for them? Noting the trend, we decided to add clearcoating as an official option for Joy upon purchase.

The alternative to powdercoating is to re-coat with WD40 every 3-4 weeks.