Ginkgo Trio


Set of 3 Ginkgo Circles
14″, 20″, 24″

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The Ginkgo Trio is a fantastic set of three gingko leaves.

Each leaf is unique, having been detailed by hand. Depth is added to the leaf by carefully bending it, and finally welding on a curved stem.

The leaf is then welded on to a hand crafted metal ring – this adds more depth and contrast to the sculpture. Finally, the leaves are rusted.

This sculpture is designed as a set of three to allow your decor to satisfyingly fill a fence or wall space, without needing one extremely large leaf. It is versatile, and can be arranged to appear as if it were made to fit exactly the space it was mounted in.

The ‘set’ nature of this sculpture lends itself to a sense of belonging and completeness.

Ginkgos are coming into popularity right now in Canada, but are actually the oldest living tree on Earth. They remain unchanged from over 200 million years ago, and are the only leaf whose veins run to the bottom of the leaf, rather than the center.

Understandably, Ginkgos are an established sign of longevity and endurance, having mingled with dinosaurs and survived the ice age.

For those of you who seek to embrace timelessness and the constant change of the universe, let the Ginkgo be your personal guide.


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