22″ H x 48″ W

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Pinescape is designed from the perspective of a viewer standing on the forest floor, gazing up towards the open sky. It feels as if you are at the heart of the forest, surrounded by silhouettes of pine trees, reaching ever upwards.

Carol bends rod into gently flowing curves and welds it into the background of the sky.
This welcomes the viewer to engage their senses with imagination.

For some the gentle curves are the visual delight of the aurora borealis.

For others the movement of the wire evokes memories of windy autumn hikes carrying the scent of pine on crisp air.

For others still, the movement represents that invigorating flow of energy we all sense while immersing ourselves in nature.

The beauty of a nature scene described in one colour is that our memories are invited to run wild and fill in the details with our personal experiences.

Mild steel, hand bent rod and powder coat finish.
As each piece is handcrafted the background rod detailing will vary slightly from image.
Available in flat black or natural rust finish.