Lily Trio


This item may take 2-3 weeks to create

The Lily Trio is a stunning focal point for any garden. These large flowers reach towards the sky, each resting on a long, curving stem. The atmosphere created by them can only be described as fantastic. If your garden could use a dash of magic, these flowers are just what you’re looking for.

These sculptures were designed to add height and year-round interest to your favourite garden or empty greenspace.

Lily Trio is made in Millgrove, Ontario.
Each petal is cut and carefully bent by hand.
Each stem is bent into gentle, whimsical curves.
The base is welded as a double stake to keep the sculpture securely installed in your garden.

Mild steel, will rust
Photo: Single lily in rock garden has custom alterations to the stem and flower angle.
Photo: Memorial lillies are a custom order.

Turn Around Time:
If # of stock is listed, allow 2-3 days.