Tree of Life


48″ H x 36″ W

Custom sizing (such as in the image) available by request

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Carol’s take on the classic Tree of Life offers a greater amount of detail than most silhouettes. The careful detail creates a sense of movement and life in the tree, a feature of many of Carol’s designs.

The roots in this image are extensive, intertwined, and strong. The lines of the roots flow the same directions as the lines carved out of the tree, which evoke the feeling of sturdy bark on a well aged tree.

The texture of the bark carries the eye to the top of the tree where branches upon branches can be seen peeking out from and hiding behind the canopy. In Carol’s design each section of canopy feels as if it’s own and could be given a good shake by a child climbing the tree.

The mature root system supports the trunk. The life-worn trunk supports the branches. The versatile branches support the canopy. The expansive canopy in turn, supports the tree as a whole.

The Tree of Life is finished with professional black powder coating. It’s the perfect addition to a wooden gate, or the centerpiece of any indoor wall.

48″ H x 36″ W